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The "In Lieu" Toilet Converter

$255 Includes delivery charges within Australia;

$215 plus delivery charges for International orders

International delivery charges apply, please add approximately:

$50 - $80 New Zealand/Asia/Pacific
$120 - $130 USA, Canada, Middle East, UK, Rest of the world

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- Australian designed and manufactured
- No costly plumbing alterations
- Fits around existing toilet in seated posture
- Economical - the whole family can benefit
- Clean Lines, attractive design
- Easily moveable - weight approx. 4.5kgs
- Textured footprints
- Raised heels provide stability
- Rubber feet for floor contact
- Hand recess for lifting
- Weight tested well in excess of requirements
- Polyethylene - easily cleaned
- Toilet may still be used as intended

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The In-Lieu

Toilet Converters were developed in response to a need. Injuries to the pelvic floor area occur when defecating while seated, and long term complications can be horrendous. Constipation consists not only of the firmness of bodily wastes. A restriction is also a large component of constipation. This restriction is because of the shape of the anal canal when we sit. Squatting straightens the anal canal and the bowel opens when we relax.

Constipation’s many complications have been common for as long as the pedestal toilet has existed – commonly for about 150 years – this is only now being recognized. A British plumber, Thomas Crapper, and a cabinet maker designed toilet pans to connect to sewer mains constructed in London in the middle 1800s. These artisans should be remembered for their significant contribution to hygiene afforded by the flushing toilet, but their understanding of human evacuation physiology was, unfortunately, totally inadequate. 

The physiological differences between having a bowel movement when squatting, and when sitting, are profound. People ravaged by the internal ulceration and inflammation of Crohn’s Disease for example, willingly squat for defecation on every occasion to allow Crohn’s to heal. So too do people who want to avoid constipation, haemorrhoid conditions, urinary incontinence and prostate disorder, to name a few of the common conditions which develop as a result of, or are aggravated by, the long term effects of repeatedly eliminating from our bowels while seated. (But please consult your medical practitioner for any illness.) 

Squatting for defecation is NOT a treatment. IT IS, HOWEVER, THE ONLY MEANS OF AVOIDING PELVIC FLOOR INJURY. Often, by avoiding this injury, many common conditions heal. No country can afford to continue subsidizing treatments for medical conditions which people unknowingly bring on themselves. 

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