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How We Work

At Taringa Health Centre we refer to the work we do as Colon Hydrotherapy.

We use the Brunelle Method of Colon Hydrotherapy.

This method is the preferred method because of its safety, and its ability to utilise a pulsating action in the colon and to work with the colon's reflex points, thus making it a therapy, which works with the whole body.

Our method works on the principle of a small amount of water being inserted into the colon at any one time, which is pulsed in the colon, as a form of internal massage, stimulating the colon to defecate naturally.

No force or water pressure is used.
As the colon has reflex points to other parts of the body, the therapist can cause the agitation of the water to be directed to specific points within the colon, thereby inciting specific organs or glands in the body to perform better.

Before your first colonic.
Before your first colonic an iris reading is carried out. This helps us to determine the condition of the colon and other organs of the body.


We cannot have a healthy body without clean blood, and we cannot have clean blood unless we have a clean colon. A toxic colon is the source of many health problems.


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