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FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is colon therapy dangerous, could it perforate my bowel?

We do not believe so. The Brunelle method allows for continual control over the water pressure and temperature at all times.

2. My doctor says I shouldn’t have it done!

Ask your doctor why. Take note of all the reasons given by your doctor and then we can answer your question.

3. Will I need to rest after my colonic?

Very rarely. Having a colonic is just like having two or three bowel motions in one 40 minute session.

4. Will I need to keep rushing to a toilet afterwards?

In the experience of Taringa Health Centre this has not happened. As colon hydrotherapy stimulates the colon and encourages defecation, it will happen during the colonic session, not after.

5. Do I need to fast before my colonic?

No! The therapist can assess the condition of the colon more accurately if you present yourself under what are your normal dietary conditions.

6. Will a colonic deplete the electrolytes in my colon?

In 1990, a study reported in the Journal of Natural Medicine, entitled “Effects of Colon Hydrotherapy on Serum Electrolytes”, showed that no patient experienced any clinically significant symptoms or disturbances.

7. Will the intestinal beneficial flora be disturbed by colon therapy?

As having a colonic is like having two or three bowel movements in a 40 minute period, the flora will not be disturbed anymore than having several normal bowel motions.

8. Will there be a therapist in the room with me when I have my colonic?

Yes! A therapist will be with you at all times.

9. Is Colon Therapy painful?

Some people experience a little discomfort on occasions.

10. How many colonics will I need?

This depends on the condition of your colon, and overall health. Our conclusion over many years of experience has found that it is best to have four colonics initially. However, discussion between you and the therapist will establish if any more are needed and at what frequency.

11. Should I have a colonic during my pregnancy?

We would not recommend it. As this method of colonic irrigation activates the colon, which in turn will stimulate the organs of the body, it is possible that toxins can be released into the blood stream and may pass to the womb before they are released through the colon.

However, occasionally there are exceptions
If the expecting mother is very severely constipated it is the better option and it is administered in a different way, to take account of this condition.

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