AIH currently offers the: Certificate of Colon Hydrotherapy

The course can be commenced at any time and is a self-paced study course. The theory modules are studied by correspondence.The practical modules are completed within the AIH hosting clinic.

AIH offers practical support in helping you set up your own colon hydrotherapy business. John will walk you through step by step on how much it will cost and what you will need to set up.
We offer this free service during the 2-week practical.
When you have completed the practical, John is also available by email and phone for any further advice.

Certificate in Colonic Irrigation
  120 hours 6 Theory Modules  
  120 hours Practical including:  
  1 Practical Module (2 weeks, Monday to Friday)  
  Graduates are eligible for membership of the Australian Colon Health Association.  
  This is a vocational course designed to prepare candidates with knowledge and skills necessary to enter the growing professional field of colonic irrigation. Students graduating from the course will be able to successfully perform a colonic and a client interview.

Applications are open to those interested in a career in colonic irrigation and Practitioners from allied fields wishing to specialise in colonic irrigation.






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